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Parties in Sri lanka

Private parties in Sri Lanka Private parties in Sri Lanka
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Most of people who interest to participate parties will think , what's the meaning of "Private parties in Sri lanka" ?. Before that let's have a look what's the meaning of party ? There are so many meanings for party but common meaning is as per the Wikipedia "A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration of a special occasion"

 If there is any party typically food and beverages will be involved as a common needs.And other entertainment methods such as music,dance and  etc... will be involved either.In born people are like to gather and have a fun.This is not just happen in nowadays.This has a long history.

So anyway let's see preliminary why they arrange parties ? Is it only for fun ? . Answering for those questions , clearly it shows if there is any party it means that "people celebrate some special occasions " and that occasion is held someone's honor as an example "Birthday parties". And it proves that they don't only arrange parties for purposes of fun.

 Normally people's arrange parties in restaurants, pubs, beer gardens, nightclubs or bars.And these places are common places people mostly visit.But any how some parties has an admission fee charged by the host.That's the reason nowadays there is title attached for parties as "Private"

 Now in Sri Lanka we can not see much more different like other countries , specially Europe ,  Private parties in Sri lanka is trendy era spread around the Island.Even for a beach party in Sri Lanka there is host charge(not all) and that charge depends to drop some of community who even like to attend that event.That is the main reason to think that it's private.


Party types:-

Birthday party , Surprise party , Dinner party , Cocktail party , Tea party , Reception , Dances and balls , Block party , Costume or fancy dress party , Christmas caroling party , Parties for teenagers and young adults , Singles dance party and mixer , Fundraising party , Graduation party , Marriage-related parties , Showers , Housewarming party , Welcome party , Farewell party , Cast party , Pre-party , After-party


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